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Trip Sheet Contract


Walls Limousine guests please read carefully before your run begins:

By signing this agreement you   accept full liability to pay for any damages and future car scheduling loss due to damages caused by you or anyone in your party or anyone that you allow in the limousine/sedan. Standing up through the moon roof or hanging out the windows is not allowed.  At no time will illegal substances be allowed in our limousines.  If at any time, any illegal activity takes place in or around our limousine/sedan, the run will be terminated immediately and no money will be refunded.  If this happens, the driver has the right to not take you back to your pick up point!  If any glasses are broken or taken, there will be a $10.00 charge per glass.  Walls Limousine Service, Inc. is not responsible for any items left in the limousine/sedan. 

If clean up is necessary, there will be a $100.00 clean up charge.  If anyone vomits or voids in the limousine/sedan, there is a $200.00 clean up charge. If Walls Limousine service must take any action under this contract customer agrees that Walls is entitled to collect its reasonable attorney fees and costs. 


SIGNATURE__________________________________         DATE:________________

For any runs involving the transportation of minors.

Walls Limousine Service, Inc. will not transport any minors under the age of 16 without an adult present during the run.  Minors are not allowed to use tobacco products of any kind or drink alcoholic beverages.  If any empty alcohol containers or evidence of tobacco products are found, then the run will be terminated with no refund.  Parents will be called and arrangements made to pick up the minors immediately or minors will be taken to the nearest police station and left for parents to pick up.  Walls Limousine Service, Inc. will not transport any intoxicated minors.  Walls Limousine Service, Inc. can not be held responsible for the minors’ actions while outside of the limousine/sedan.


PARENTS OR GUARDIAN SIGNATURE____________________________________


LIMOUSINE GUEST’S SIGNATURE_____________________________________  


CHAUFFEUR’S SIGNATURE_______________________________DATE__________


Last modified: 06/05/08